BIG JOHN JEANS since 1940


Quality Management System

Based on the motto of “Quality Comes First,” which is also our regal philosophy, Big John contributes to the society by contributing to satisfaction and prosperity of its customers.
This is our “Basic Quality Policy” handed over generations.
Big John promotes systematization of human resources, materials, equipment, and production system under the "Basic Quality Policy" as a company which handles clothing products.
In order to provide more reassurance and deliver jeans of better quality to consumers, we obtained ISO9001 (JQA-QMA12651) certification, an international standard for quality assurance, in manufacturing clothing products in February 2006.
The ISO9001 standard is an international standard that provides requirements from the standpoint of customers, which require companies to realize reliable product quality and manufacturing processes at a high level. We have established a company-wide quality assurance system to identify responsibilities and authorities for each process by preparing manuals and documentation as well as to investigate causes and take corrective and preventive measures if any defect of products arises. With the idea that the basis of quality is human resource development, we are developing “small group activities” proactively with flexible mindset and reliable technique, aiming to improve thinking ability of individuals; and we shall make improvements in all aspects in order to deliver services of better quality and respond to your confidence. In addition, we have set up “Quality Management Committee” and been working on for improving production environment of clothing products in coordination with relevant departments.

Under the motto of “Quality Comes First,”
Big John continues to offer products with responsibility that allow us to obtain confidence and satisfaction of customers, aiming for continuous improvement of the quality management.

Basic Quality Policy

Big John is committed to provision of products and services that customers appreciate by defining Basic Quality Policy, and Action Guideline to perform the quality policy.
In establishing the quality policy
For survival and growth of a company, activities focused on customers are essential. Quickly grasping what customers think and want and continuously providing products and services that meet the customers’ demands leads to lasting growth of the company. Taking up this idea as our philosophy, we define Basic Quality Policy, and Action Guideline to perform the quality policy. Therefore, each personnel in charge is aware of his/her role for customer satisfaction in carrying out his/her work and tries to put it into practice.
Basic Quality Policy
  • 1. All members of Big John who are engaged in business activities have a common goal of “providing satisfaction to customers.”
  • 2. Each member of Big John, with professional ethics as an individual person, gives first priority to compliance with legal requirements (laws concerning product safety, fair trade, protection of consumers, etc.) and satisfying customer requirements in the corporate activities.
  • 3. We quickly grasp degree of customer satisfaction with products and services we offered and reflect it to the activities for improvement.
  • 4. Through the activities for developing policies to the entire company, we set quality objectives of the respective management departments/staff departments and ensure thorough implementation of PDCA.
  • 5. Through small group activities, we promote development of individuals’ abilities and activate the workplaces and make efforts to improve quality of work.
  • 6. We clarify competence necessary to perform work and make efforts to ensure the competence.

Activities for Improving Quality

Based on the spirits of Quality Policy, every member of Big John is working on the company-wide activities for improving quality under Action Guideline.
1.Activities for improving quality
After Quality Policy is presented by President, the detailed policies are formulated by the department managers in accordance with Quality Policy. The policies by the department managers are developed into specific activity objectives and activities are implemented to achieve the objectives. Progress of the activities is checked by the department managers. In this way, a mechanism to cycle PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, and Action) as a department is established. In addition, the “internal quality audits” are periodically implemented to follow up the activities toward achieving the objectives.
2.Internal quality audit
In order to maintain effective activities for improving quality by instilling, maintaining, and expanding QMS throughout the company, internal quality audits are implemented. In addition, audits covering all departments are also implemented by our internal auditors. These audits are intended to follow up the progress of activities for improving quality and incorporation of various quality activities implemented by the management departments into the PDCA cycle.
3.Improving work processes
In order to improve quality of work, increase efficiency, and further to improve performance of the company, the “activities for improving work processes” involving all departments are implemented. The top management takes the lead in supervising the activities to evaluate the appropriateness and necessity of work processes of each department and improve such processes.
4.Responses to important complaints
When we receive a serious complaint from our customer, quick and secure response is required. We daily foster the abilities of the operational departments to accurately grasp the contents of complaints and quickly transmit information based on the in-company rules, in order to remedy problems. We try to find potential problems that cannot be detected in the internal audits or management review and utilize them to raise the employees’ awareness of quality problems.
5.Activities for compliance with laws and regulations on technology
In order to promote the activities for full compliance with laws and regulations related to the products we handle, we focus on education for the employees, aiming for correct understanding of and strict compliance with laws and regulations.