BIG JOHN JEANS since 1940


Without losing the identity of Big John, we continue to enrich products and services with the vitality to promote business.
Energy emitted from BIG JOHN, which is the core brand, is the driving force of Big John Corporation. All members who joined in the group companies operate the companies with loyalty to the identity and vitality to promote business.

Our vision is to lead present work to future possibilities. In order to realize this, we shall build partnerships with various people, further seek for the best quality, and enrich products and services.
Company name
Big John Corporation MAP
  • Headquarters: 4-11-31 Kojima tanokuchi, Kurashiki-shi,
    Okayama 711-0903
    Tel: +81-86-477-3800 Fax: +81-86-473-1232
  • Tokyo: 2nd floor, 5-5-10 Asakusabashi, Taitou-ku, Tokyo 111-0053
    Tel +81-3-5839-2505 Fax +81-3-5839-2555
Osamu Ichihara, CEO
1960 (Initiated in 1940)
Line of business
Developing, manufacturing, and selling jeans, casual wear, and the related products
Main financing banks
The Chugoku Bank (Kojima Branch)
Main customers
Specialty stores Jeans shops, major department stores, and mass retailers across Japan