BIG JOHN JEANS since 1940


What Big John has been loyal to is
the Corporate Philosophy, "Quality Comes First", has succeed over generations.
Everything is for Big John to remain Big John.
What Big John has been loyal to since its start as a sewing factory is quality.
When the company started production of jeans in 1965, the employees caught their breath before the denim fabric delivered from the U.S. This was because the denim fabric was livelier than any other cotton fabric they have ever seen in Japan.
Since then, what has kept Big John moving has been excitement felt at that time. Big John’s making of jeans, which started from fascination with only one piece of the original fabric; this is the forever unchanging origin of Big John that has now grown to create the excitement with their own hands and craftsman spirit.
The Corporate Philosophy, “Quality Comes First,” which was established as an integration of the craftsman spirits while the spirits of always trying to make the best thing have been succeed over generations. This philosophy has been passed on to the young staff at present and is still shining without fading at all. Everything is for Big John to remain Big John.